Liquidity Management

Physical Cash Pool

By using ICBC (Asia)’s physical cash pool service, enterprises can realize automatic fund transfers worldwide , reducing the accumulation of funds within the group and external borrowing costs, optimizing capital allocation and improving overall capital management and utilization efficiency. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprise groups with high degree of centralized financial management, cross-border e-commerce needs, frequent cross-border payments and a large number of payees/recipients. Enterprises can flexibly set the structure of physical cash pool, the mode and frequency of capital flow and the method of interest calculation/valuation to optimize corporate capital management. The service helps multinational companies to flexibly manage global RMB or foreign currency funds. Companies can freely allocate internal RMB or foreign currency funds within a certain amount, reasonably arrange global fund raising plans and open up internal capital channels within the group. It provides support to the enterprises for overall financial planning.


  • Unified scheduling - Unified arrangement and scheduling of funds can maximize the potential of internal funds, reduce dependence on external funds and achieve the goal of corporate cash management.
  • Unified Management - In response to the needs of multinational enterprise on operations and management, we support non-financial member companies to carry out cross-border RMB funds surplus adjustment in order to achieve unified management and efficient operation of global funds.

Notional Cash Pooling

We provide local group capital centralized operation and management services for large groups or treasury center customers. Under normal circumstances, the capital flow in the capital pool actually occurs. However, under the permission of Hong Kong regulatory policies, the capital may not be transferred essentially. Participating in the account sharing fund quota realizes daily fund receipts and payments, helps companies to manage and coordinate the fund of multiple accounts, reducing fund transfer and related costs.

Integrated Business Account

This service will be the perfect solution if local corporate customers hold different currencies and variety of accounts and require a high capacity for capital management and flexible transfer in different types of accounts. Customers can apply for payment, deposit, foreign exchange trading, investment and other customized functions through commercial internet banking or branch counters. It carries out the intelligent fund management and basic account management, improves account management efficiency, increases the deposit funds income, achieves the optimal fund allocation and maximizes liquidity. Customers may enjoy the efficient and convenient financial services of ICBC (Asia) anywhere.


  • fficient commercial internet banking service
  • Simplify account management
  • Avoid payment risks efficiently
  • Stable value-added account income
  • Easy product opening procedures
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