WeChat Official Account

ICBC (Asia) WeChat Official Account is now available! By simply following ICBC (Asia) WeChat Official Account, you can grasp our bank’s latest news, promotion offers, products and services information.

“ICBC (Asia)” WeChat Official Account consists of 3 popular sections, including “Promotional Offers”, “Latest Information” and “Banking Services”:

  • “Promotional Offers”— provide you the promotion campaigns of credit cards, personal finance, investment services and “My Life”.
  • “Latest Information” – notify you the latest news of ICBC Mobile Banking services , the commentaries of stocks, summary report on foreign exchange and global markets. The reports are uploaded on ICBC (Asia) official website. You can click “Read More” to get the detailed report.
  • “Banking Services”—provide you the shortcut for downloading ICBC Mobile Banking App and applying for ICBC (Asia) credit cards. You can also find the introduction of our Private Banking and Account Opening Witness services.

How to follow “ICBC (Asia)” WeChat official account:

Steps to Follow:

a. Download and install “WeChat” App

b. Input 「工銀亞洲」or「ICBC-ASIA」to search,or scan below QR code:

c. Press “Follow” can enter ICBC (Asia) WeChat official account instantly.

How to unfollow “ICBC (Asia)” WeChat official account:

After clicking the top right hand corner of the ICBC (Asia) WeChat Account profile page, please click “Unfollow”.